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I have been using Complete Restoration for 12 years, both for my personal home and rentals I've managed. I've used many of the services they offer including HVAC, Carpet Cleaning and the unfortunate few times I had rental homes that flooded and required a water extraction. Even recently after my 4 year old son decided to pull the drain hose off the back of our washer (upstairs) which flooded the hall and down into our kitchen ceiling. They arrived very quickly and took care of the issue for us. We continue to use them for all our household needs and refer them to anyone who might need the same.

-Kyra E.

I would highly recommend Complete Restoration for your plumbing, hvac, and restoration needs.  They are competitively priced, their staff is on time, courteous, and professional.  I have worked with Complete Restoration for over 10 years managing over 450 units.  This company cares about their reputation, integrity, and getting the job done on time and I am thankful they have been such a consistent resource for our company!

-Billy T.

For more than 15 years whenever we need service at one of our properties, I call Complete Restoration!
We are confident that when one of their experienced techs arrives the problem will be resolved. We
utilize the plumbing, heating and air condition, water damage restoration and carpet cleaning services.
Complete Restoration offers us a “Complete” turnkey portfolio of support in all of the key categories
including after-hours “emergency ”services. They are professional, reliable and competitively priced.
What I like the most about Complete Restoration is the confidence that I and my residents have when
they arrive that the service issue will be solved and it will be done well!
That’s why I always recommend them.
Paul B.

I have been using Complete Restoration personally and professionally since I manage property.  Dann and his crew have been taking care of all my carpet cleaning and repairs for almost as long as I have been in this business!  

I also have used them at my home for my air conditioning needs, plumbing needs and REMEDIATION on three separate occasions.  Anyone that has ever had septic backup knows that is disastrous.  Once again Dann and his crew came to my rescue and even dealt with the insurance company for me so that I could put my mind at ease. 

They always arrive when they say they are going to, even during emergencies in the middle of the night on the property that I manage and are always pleasant and professional.  Their work is outstanding!  I cannot say enough about them!  They are awesome

-Lisa S.